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Stone, John & Meyer, Ron:

Aikido in America, Frog, Ltd., North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA., 1995.

Dobson, Terry:

It's a Lot like Dancing…an Aikido Journey, Frog, Ltd., Berkeley, CA., 1993


Dobson, Terry and Miller, Victor:

Aikido in Everyday Life, Giving in to Get Your Way, North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA., 1993




Reynosa, Larry & Billingiere, Joseph:

A Beginner's Guide to Aikido, R&B Publishing, Ventura, CA., 1989.
Gleason, William:

The Spiritual Foundations of Aikido, Destiny Books, Rochester, Vermont, 1995.

Shifflett, C.M.:

Ki in Aikido: Round Earth Publishing, Merrifield, VA., 1997

Visit the Round Earth Publishing site for more information!


Oh, Sadaharu & Faulkner, David:

Sadaharu Oh-A Zen Way of Baseball, North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, CA., 1993
Takuan, Soho:

The Unfettered Mind, Kodansha International Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, 1986. Writings of the Zen master to the sword master.



Kamata, Shigro & Himizu, Kenju:

Zen and Aikido, Aikido News, Tokyo, Japan, 1992. A fairly good attempt at defining Aikido and its philosopy.



Ueshiba, Morihei:

Budo, Kodansha International, Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, 1991. Englsh translation byh John Stevens one of the few volumes written by the founder of Aikido. The founder himself is photographed performing techniques, circa 1938.

Budo Training in Aikido, Sugaware Martial Institute Inc., Tokyo, Japan, 1997. English translation by Larry Bieri and Seiko Mabuchi. Somewhat difficult to understand explanations with line drawings of Aikido techniques in 1933. Interesting historical perspective.




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